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Who we are


We are Earth Runs CIC – Active for Earth

On a mission to harness the power of people’s movement to help protect the planet. Showing them the impact that they can make step by step.

We originally began in 2020 as an organisation that hosted virtual challenges for runners and rewarded them by planting trees, and we still do that. 

But over time, we wanted to get more people active and plant more trees. We got involved with school programmes, opened challenges to other sports and created the first-ever biodegradable seeded medal. 

And then the 1% Club. Planting a tree for every day that you’re active. A club that is open to everyone, not just those that race, not just those that want a challenge – we want to make active a habit. We want to turn that habit into something that does incredible things for the planet. 

To learn more about Earth Runs Active for Earth, visit the mother-ships website and see what else we do. 


You’re always welcome. 

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