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There’s no such thing as a daft question

We’ve got a list of questions we’ve been asked before, but if you have another, feel free to drop us a line. It’s good to talk. 

Does my usual dog walk count?

Yes :)

Can I walk/swim/row/ski/etc?

Yes. Any activity that gets you moving under your own steam works for us, ideally, outdoors as this has been shown to boost your mental health too, but active is better than not active. 

What if I’m injured?

We can pause your membership until you feel able to get active again.

I only managed to get out for 10 minutes, does that count?

Did you make the effort to get out of the house/chair/office and knowingly get active? Then it counts. We’re fighting the little voice inside your head that says you can’t do it. That you can’t be bothered. It all counts. You’ve got this :)

I don’t have a fancy sports watch – how do you know I’ve been active?

This is about you making a commitment, being true to yourself. You can use our printable weekly planner to help keep track of the days. This is about trust, believing in yourself and doing awesome things for the planet. You know what you’ve done. That’s cool with us.

Where are the trees planted? How do you plant them?

Our trees are planted worldwide with trusted charitable partners, Eden Reforestation and One Tree Planted. This ensures that the trees have the best survival chances and that the communities that plant them are supported. Further information about our trees is available on the Earth Runs website here.

Who are Earth Runs / Active for Earth?

Earth Runs CIC is the organisation behind the One Percent Club. Originally set up as a virtual running website, we wanted to get more people active, not just runners. So, Active for Earth was developed. The One Percent Club is a major part of our aim to reach more people and get them active for the planet. 

I have another question

No worries at all – get in touch. We’re a tiny team but we try and reply in a timely manner!

Do you work with organisations?

You betcha! We love helping organisations to promote active lifestyles to their staff/team/customers and to help the planet. Get in touch and we can work together to help incorporate the 1% Club. 

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