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Welcome to the 1% Club.

We plant a tree for you every day you’re active.


Good for you and the planet

Open to everyone. Individuals or Groups


No set distance. No need to time.

Fits in with your plans.


Helps create a healthy habit.

A simple concept

Every day you’re active, we plant a tree for you.

You don’t need a fancy sports watch. 

There’s no counting steps.

You simply tell us how many days you have been active in a week, and for each day you were, we plant a tree and show you the impact you’ve made. 

Open to Clubs, Groups and Schools

Want to inspire your team, club, or organisation to help the planet, all the while motivating them to be active, and looking after their bodies and mental health?

We want you in the 1% Club.

Image by Dave Hoefler

On a mission

We’re on a mission to get 1% of the population active, and if we achieve this, together, we’ll be planting over 11 million trees a month*.

Ready to be a part of the solution?

*This is just based on the UK population being active 4 times a week.

We’re open to all countries. We can do amazing things together.


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These are just some of the organisations who are part of the 1% Club

“What I really love about this challenge is that we can involve family, friends, work colleagues etc and it’s wonderful to tell them after a walk or a run that you’ve planted a tree together.”


Image by Spencer  Watson

The easiest way to do something for the planet and help look after yourself

“However bad my day has been, I know that a ten minute walk, or a quick run will have planted a tree and made a difference”

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How does it work?

The cost to join the Club from £8.95 a month. The equivalent of two frothy coffees.

In return, we will plant a tree every day you’re active. 

It’s easy to do, fits in with your current training plan or can help kickstart a healthy habit. 

There are no rules as to how active you’ve been. ‘Active’ means active for you.

What you need to know

There are no sprinkles.

The cost starts at £8.95 a month for individuals – the equivalent of two frothy coffees, no sprinkles, but actual living trees.


Active is active.
There are no rules to how active you need to be. Active is active for you. Whatever level of fitness you have, you can still change the world. 


You don’t need a fancy sports watch.
We send you a nudge email once a week so you can let us know how many days you’ve been active that week. You don’t need to provide evidence (but you can if you wish). You have up to 4 weeks to register your activities. 


We don’t yet sync with Strava.

We’re small. Maybe one day we will, but we want this to be as inclusive as possible – so you and your great Aunt Ethel can join. You don’t need anything more than a login to your account. 

We trust you.

We supply you with printable monthly trackers so you can tick off the days you’ve been active (research shows that a visual record helps create a habit). We all need a nudge from time to time. 

Know what a difference you’re making.
We’ll provide you with regular personal impact reports to show what a difference your trees make to the planet and those who plant them. 

You are welcome here.

You get access to the 1% Clubhouse, our private community network, to help keep you motivated, share stories, and cheer others on. This is where the magic happens. People talk, encourage, and share, all in the safety of a private network. No social media needed if you don’t want to. 

Stay motivated.

If you’re looking for more motivation, join our walk-and-talk events to help get you outside, or pick up an inspiring book from our Book Sharing Club in the 1% Clubhouse. 


A total of 365 trees per year are available.

You can change the world every day.


‘It just makes sense. Why wouldn’t I?

Why join now?

Our planet needs more trees to help fight climate change, protect biodiversity and support some of the poorest communities on earth. 

Meanwhile, inactivity is the 4th biggest killer in our country and causes countless other health issues. 

Just 10 minutes of activity each day cuts the risk of early death by 15%.

30 minutes of activity five times a week will reduce the risk of early death by 25%

Just 20 minutes of activity has shown to increase creativity and endorphins. 

Trees are epic. They clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact. 

Planting trees are one of the cornerstones in the defence against climate change.

About the 1% Club

The 1% Club started as an idea to do something for the planet for my 50th birthday. I wanted to be a bit healthier, so I thought I’d aim to be active every day, and in return, I’d plant a tree. I asked a few friends if they’d join me. 

A few friends kind of snowballed.

The 1% Club has grown into a group of encouragers and enthusiasts, all with different levels of fitness, each looking to be active as many times as possible every week and help do something for the planet.

We have our own private community if you need a bit of motivation, or to encourage others, and to share experiences. There are virtual meet-ups and a sharing book club. It‘s a little bit of sunshine on a cloudy day. 

We’d love to have you on board with us. There’s something quite incredible knowing that every day our actions are changing the world just a little bit.


You’d be very welcome. 

All the best,

Founder / 1%-er / Encourager

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